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For Health Practitioners and Administrators

Read Every Day in Any Way comes from our search for ways to get literacy information to all parents and caregivers in the Province of Manitoba. We know from published vaccination information that almost 90% of families in the province bring their child in for at least some vaccinations. Therefore, using the existing systems in health care to connect about literacy with families during vaccination and well-child appointments is a cost effective solution that makes sense. Children have 10 planned health appointments before the age of 5. Our goal is to train health professional to have a literacy discussion, give a book, provide guidance and information at each one of these 10 visits.

We know this type of intervention works. The Canadian Pediatric Society has created a position statement called ‘Read, Speak, Sing; Promoting literacy in the physicians office.’ Some highlights from this evidence based document are:

1. Peer reviewed studies have shown that when physicians discuss literacy and provide books, caregivers are 4x’s more likely to read frequently to children.

2. Preschoolers have higher receptive and expressive language scores when this type of intervention is used.

3. Parents place more importance on reading to children when a book is given at a health appointment.

4. More is better! Parents need to be encouraged to read to their babies from an early age. Health care providers should discuss literacy at each visit. The more literacy is promoted the better the outcomes are for children. As well, distribution of physical books enhances the effectiveness of the literacy intervention beyond what is achieved by just talking about literacy as it gives parents the tools to implement the ideas immediately.

5. Health Practitioners have a better relationship with their families when books are given at health appointments.

To support the health practitioners in implementing this program we need resources: training, prescriptions to read, literacy milestone information for parents, a visual video resource on how to read in different ways and the books for practitioners to provide. We have recruited tests sites from across the province to make sure the program is effective in many health care environments. Our confirmed pilot sites are: Sterling Lyon Paediatrics – Dr. Weibe (Specialist in children with developmental issues), Access Fort Garry (South Winnipeg), Access Downtown (Downtown Winnipeg), Aikins Street Clinic (Downtown Winnipeg)

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